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Is Your Underwear Drawer Ready for Winter?

When you think of Winter you don’t immediately think of underwear. After all, they’re usually hidden under a whole heap of bulky clothing at that time of year. But while that may be the case, having your unmentionables covered with the right gear can really help to keep you warm in the cooler months.

It’s time to make sure your underwear drawer is Winter-ready before it starts getting too cold.

Socks and Undies have got you covered (quite literally) with everything you need for the whole family. We are stocked with all of your favourite brands at incredible prices. It is no surprise that we are the top choice for so many people looking to buy socks and underwear online in Australia.

Here’s our tips for ensuring your underwear drawer is Winter-ready and fully stocked for the coldest part of the year.

It’s all about layering

In most parts of Australia, our Winters tend to be pretty mild. Still, you need to make sure you’re ready for some chilly days, warm indoor heating and fluctuating temperatures. The best way to do that is by layering in clothing that can be stripped away as the day heats up if you need to.

Singlets are a Winter must-have. We love the Bonds chesty singlet for women or the Mossimo Singlet, which is also great for sleeping in. You can’t go wrong with the Bonds chesty singlets for men either.

Then layer with shirts and light jackets before adding a heavier weight coat if you live somewhere it gets cold enough for that.

Keep your feet warm

Did you know that our feet play a major role in keeping us warm? While slippers and thick socks are great while you’re at home, you need to keep those toes warm during the work hours too.

If you aren’t terribly worried about impressing anyone in the fashion department, you can’t go past the Holeproof Explorer socks for men and women. They’re soft and thick, giving you toasty warm toes for the work day and cushioning against your shoes too. They’re also perfect for wearing around the house, or for hiking or long walks on the weekends.

If you work in an office environment, you might want something a little more stylish. Black socks don’t have mean boring though, and we love these cute Pussyfoot Bamboozld Rain Design Socks for women, and these Pussyfoot Bamboozld Pink Flamingo Design Socks for men. They’ll keep your feet warm and also hide comfortably under your work pants.

Plus, if anyone does get a peek at them, they’ll get a glimpse of your fun personality too. Socks and Undies also have a fabulous selection of natural Bamboo socks which are perfect for business due to the warm colours black, navy or red!

Thankfully Bamboo socks are naturally brilliant as bacteria don't like to live and grow in bamboo fibre which makes our bamboo socks naturally antibacterial. It also absorbs moisture from the skin keeping your feet drier and eliminating foot odour. Natural warming naturally healthy and beautifully comfy.

Keeping the children warm

The school playground can be a really cold place, so we come back to that layering thing again. You might not think your children feel the cold as much as you do, but they certainly need to be wearing the right underwear in the Winter months too. After all, much of their day is spent running around in the windy playground and there’s no way to ensure they keep a jacket on (although we try – am I right?)

Layering up with shirts and singlets is the easiest solution, especially if you live somewhere it gets really cold. Try some of these Boys chesty bond singlets or Bonds Girls narrow strap teena singlets. They’ll add a bit of extra warmth under the school uniform and can be easily taken off it gets too hot too.

Have you got tights?

Sorry men: this one’s for the ladies.

Just because it’s Winter, that doesn’t mean you have to hide away your dresses and skirts at the back of your wardrobe. Simply add tights and a jacket to your warmer weather outfits and you’re Winter-ready without any effort at all.

Make sure you have enough pairs of tights to get you through. Try these Pattern & Opaque tights or Voodoo Glow Sheer to Waist Pantyhose for something a little more neutral.

Be comfy at home

Look, we’re not going to judge you if you love to hang around in your trackies when you’re at home during the cooler months (who doesn’t?) It might be an idea to stock up on some new ones though – there’s nothing worse than being surprised by unexpected visitors while you’re wearing your daggy, stretched out old track pants.

The Bonds Tweed Cotton Wear Trackie are comfy and stylish, and they have POCKETS – that’s a total win in our books. While the Mossimo Andy Relaxed Sleep Pants  technically have the word ‘sleep’ in the title, we think the men could get away with wearing them around at home during the day too. Just maybe don’t wear them to the shops.

Once you’ve got the essentials sorted, you can start thinking about what to wear over the top of your underwear.

Make sure you’re covered Down Under this Winter

Shop online at Australian owned Socks and Undies. It’s the easiest and most convenient location to get all your family’s essentials from the brands you know and love. With just a few clicks you can stock up on what you need and ensure that the whole family is ready for Winter.

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